Animation & Graphic Design

In this modern digital era animation and graphic designing is playing a huge role.
Graphic design is the art of visualizing planning and projecting ideas. Graphic designing can be used to create a business logo or creating a complex design/layout for a website. Companies can use graphic designing to sell or promote their products through advertising or provide details about their products in more info graphical ways or try to enhance their business identity by branding.

Animation is a form of graphic design that can help you visualize things before you plan on making your ideas becomes a reality.
Animation allows you to create a new medium for your creativity in a practical way and it attracts more attention because it’s more than just static images such as bouncing ball effects or live footage.

Animation can help to improve the UX of your website and make your digital marketing ideas more effective. In animation, a static image or drawings are captured and made them play at succession at a rapid rate so they look like they in motion.

Motion graphics is a very popular concept which focuses on animated moving objects when it comes to web designing. With motion graphics placed on your website at the right spot can help a viewer/ visitor to understand how to use your site more effectively with swiftness and proper visualization.
As mentioned above that animation can help you improve your website UX because with animation you can add several options that a user sees when they are performing some action on your website. For example, the ball bounces when a user/visitor clicks on your product while the user is getting redirected to your product.

Motion graphics is best used as a form of communication where you can offer gesture controls on touch screen devices.

Animation can be best used in your business in the following ways mentioned below –

  • LOADING PAGES – No one likes to look at an empty screen when they getting redirected to the next page so an animated image can be created so the user doesn’t bounce back and enjoy looking at the animation while waiting to be redirected to the next page.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEOS – A small animated video on social media can not only help you to promote your business among your followers on social media but it also helps you to grab more followers and make your brand have to stand between your existing followers.
  • SELF EXPLANATORY VIDEOS – Adding few animated small self-explanatory videos on your website can help the visitor understand more about your product which in turn would end up buying products or using your services because the self-explanatory videos can help them have knowledge about your business.
  • ADVERTISEMENT – With animation, you can create small banner ads on your website look more attractive than the boring ones which can help your business to get more advertisers wanting to advertise on your website.
  • ANIMATED LOGO – An animated logo can look your brand look more attractive for your followers and can help your business to stand out from your competitors.

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